Shifting Tides

Today marks two years since the founding of S4H2O—Swimmers For Water, which developed into the aquatic outfitting apparel brand PINKFISH.

 This organization has given more to me than I have to it—It has been a mentor, a coach, a trophy, and an inspiration to instigate change. Through the simple act of selling swimwear, I have learned so much about the ocean and how impactful it is on our day to day lives. I have also realized the danger that it faces due to the human element which has ravaged it in the past century.

Climate change, over fishing, and pollution are human prescribed conditions which are destroying our planets greatest resource—But there is still so much hope for the future. There are millions of people out there who are working hard to combat the problems which plague our seas. Raising awareness as to their efforts and sharing them with the world will help humanity to create solutions.

I am happy to announce that the two year anniversary of S4H2O will come with a shifting of intention and a change in the tide of the business. Our focus will turn from sheer sales to the development of a clean oceans awareness initiative. This will include regular blog posts interviewing environmental activists and ocean advocates who are doing their part to make a difference as well as community outreach. The PINKFISH mission—to save the oceans. The method—sharing the efforts of others who have already done so much for our seas and gaining them the support they need to create lasting change.

And don’t worry. There will still be really, ridiculously awesome swim suits. Stay tuned for new and improved eco-friendly products! 

Thank you so much for your support and your business over the years. You make me feel truly blessed.

For the oceans,

Meghan Edwards

Founding Director

PINKFISH Aquatic Outfitting


Meghan Edwards