PINKFISH is proud to announce it's partnership with Shark Angels! Because we LOVE sharks, and believe that they are integral to the health of our oceans, we will donate $2 from each sports bra and $4 from each pair of leggings purchased in 2017 to this incredible organization.

About Shark Angels...

The Shark Angels are leading a positive, contagious movement to save sharks – and the oceans. Shark Angels is a passionate, global community that believes in the power of education, media and local grassroots campaigns. They raise awareness to the critical issues, educate children, change perspectives, and empower and connect advocates to act locally to save sharks and the critical ecosystems they support.

Shark Angels Campaigns...

  • Shark Cherubs: Delivered over 4,000 hours of captivating, hands-on education to children in 8 different countries.
  • Fin Free: Instrumental in passing legislation banning shark fins in states and countries around the world.
  • Shark Diving: Getting people in the water safely with sharks, creating influential shark ambassadors and teaching countries that their sharks are worth more alive than dead.
  • Positive Media: Our last compelling, perspective-altering video Black Swan went viral and was featured in more than a dozen global media outlets including National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, CNN, ABC World News, Nightline, and The Today Show.
  • Defending Sharks in the field. We’ve been to over 20 countries to gather the intelligence necessary to fight the shark fin trade. Developing tools and campaigns to empower local groups to “take back” their sharks in South Africa, Indonesia, Bahamas, United States and Hong Kong, like our “Remove the Nets” campaign.
  • Supporting Science That Fuels Shark Conservation. Groundbreaking research through DNA and genetics to determine where and how we need to protect sharks.

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